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Many people find that cultural dating not as important in gauging the compatibility of a potential date or mate as are other factors.

People meet other people from all over the world; they fall in love and get married – it happens every day.

I believe that cultural dating is lower down the list of important characteristics when considering someone as a partner than is Faith-based Dating or Match Dating.

But many people find it very important, and it can be especially advantageous in a new relationship.

Obviously, some individuals assign importance – a high level of importance – to the nationality or cultural background of someone they might be interested in.

The Advantages of Cultural Dating

Firstly, there is the obvious:
For a serious, single Italian in Italy looking for someone to date, they would likely want to find someone else who is also a serious single in Italy!

Some people say that long distance relationships work out just fine. However; for many others say that those can prove to be problematic.

Consequently, let’s get down to the real practicalities of cultural dating and why some people find their own countrymen to be preferable when looking for someone to date.

For the most part; people are raised in a shared culture regardless of which country they come from.

Just as the different segments of Match Dating or Faith-based Dating have their own “mini-cultures”; most nations have a “national identity”. They have a culture that is pretty unique to that country.

I believe this goes back to the days when we all belonged to one tribal group or another. Each tribe had it’s own way of doing things; each had a set of beliefs.

The tribes grew and countries formed. Their lifestyles distilled into a more homogeneous whole. The majority embraced those values and shared them. Certainly; differences existed. Customs and language vary within regions of a country, but everyone shares a kind of “national identity”.

Shared Culture And Familiar Customs

When people leave their home countries to live elsewhere; some might cling to the ways that they were brought up with.

People become assimilated into their new homes and their new cultures. Commonly, that process takes a generation or two.

So it makes sense – many people find that they are more comfortable with others who come from the same culture that they did.

Cultural dating provides a level of comfort and a measure of familiarity that some people find very desirable.

We can’t list every country here. You can most likely find yours on the pages that follow. However; and even if your specific country is not listed; then probably a similar culture will be.

Cultural Dating At Your Fingertips

If cultural dating is important to you; explore the other pages here and check out the profiles of some of the program members.

Topics represented include“Asian Dating” or “Hispanic Dating” or “Russian Dating” and similar.

You will most likely find there other serious singles who are compatible with the characteristics that you are looking for in a partner.

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